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Keep the defaults or select from the following options for a new list and click the update button. For an explanation about the options see Select Options at the bottom.

Depending on your selection you will see the appropriate output or have to use one of the two download buttons.

When you've made your selections click "Update Countries List"

Download Options
There are two ways you can download the countries list
View in browser
The Show Countries List button (link) opens the selected list as a regular plain text document in a new window (or tab) in your browser. From that page you can easily mark, select and copy the data. Show Countries List
Download as file
The Download Countries List button (link) should open a "Save as ... " window depending on your browser. Select the location on your desktop to save the file. You can use the other link to see what the content will look like. Download Countries List

The selected list type is ungrouped country list in a plain format. Note that the list here in this view is slightly formated, i.e. you might get some unwanted results like spaces when selecting and copying the text here. Please use one of the download links above to get the list as plain text. To select the text for copy/paste use the Show Countries List button (link) for best results.

  • AF:Afghanistan
  • AL:Albania
  • DZ:Algeria
  • AS:American Samoa
  • AD:Andorra
  • AO:Angola
  • AI:Anguilla
  • AQ:Antarctica
  • AG:Antigua and Barbuda
  • AR:Argentina
  • AM:Armenia
  • AW:Aruba
  • AU:Australia
  • AT:Austria
  • AZ:Azerbaijan
  • BS:Bahamas
  • BH:Bahrain
  • BD:Bangladesh
  • BB:Barbados
  • BY:Belarus
  • BE:Belgium
  • BZ:Belize
  • BJ:Benin
  • BM:Bermuda
  • BT:Bhutan
  • BO:Bolivia
  • BA:Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • BW:Botswana
  • BV:Bouvet Island
  • BR:Brazil
  • BQ:British Antarctic Territory
  • IO:British Indian Ocean Territory
  • VG:British Virgin Islands
  • BN:Brunei
  • BG:Bulgaria
  • BF:Burkina Faso
  • BI:Burundi
  • KH:Cambodia
  • CM:Cameroon
  • CA:Canada
  • CT:Canton and Enderbury Islands
  • CV:Cape Verde
  • KY:Cayman Islands
  • CF:Central African Republic
  • TD:Chad
  • CL:Chile
  • CN:China
  • CX:Christmas Island
  • CC:Cocos [Keeling] Islands
  • CO:Colombia
  • KM:Comoros
  • CG:Congo - Brazzaville
  • CD:Congo - Kinshasa
  • CK:Cook Islands
  • CR:Costa Rica
  • HR:Croatia
  • CU:Cuba
  • CY:Cyprus
  • CZ:Czech Republic
  • CI:Côte d’Ivoire
  • DK:Denmark
  • DJ:Djibouti
  • DM:Dominica
  • DO:Dominican Republic
  • NQ:Dronning Maud Land
  • DD:East Germany
  • EC:Ecuador
  • EG:Egypt
  • SV:El Salvador
  • GQ:Equatorial Guinea
  • ER:Eritrea
  • EE:Estonia
  • ET:Ethiopia
  • FK:Falkland Islands
  • FO:Faroe Islands
  • FJ:Fiji
  • FI:Finland
  • FR:France
  • GF:French Guiana
  • PF:French Polynesia
  • TF:French Southern Territories
  • FQ:French Southern and Antarctic Territories
  • GA:Gabon
  • GM:Gambia
  • GE:Georgia
  • DE:Germany
  • GH:Ghana
  • GI:Gibraltar
  • GR:Greece
  • GL:Greenland
  • GD:Grenada
  • GP:Guadeloupe
  • GU:Guam
  • GT:Guatemala
  • GG:Guernsey
  • GN:Guinea
  • GW:Guinea-Bissau
  • GY:Guyana
  • HT:Haiti
  • HM:Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  • HN:Honduras
  • HK:Hong Kong SAR China
  • HU:Hungary
  • IS:Iceland
  • IN:India
  • ID:Indonesia
  • IR:Iran
  • IQ:Iraq
  • IE:Ireland
  • IM:Isle of Man
  • IL:Israel
  • IT:Italy
  • JM:Jamaica
  • JP:Japan
  • JE:Jersey
  • JT:Johnston Island
  • JO:Jordan
  • KZ:Kazakhstan
  • KE:Kenya
  • KI:Kiribati
  • KW:Kuwait
  • KG:Kyrgyzstan
  • LA:Laos
  • LV:Latvia
  • LB:Lebanon
  • LS:Lesotho
  • LR:Liberia
  • LY:Libya
  • LI:Liechtenstein
  • LT:Lithuania
  • LU:Luxembourg
  • MO:Macau SAR China
  • MK:Macedonia
  • MG:Madagascar
  • MW:Malawi
  • MY:Malaysia
  • MV:Maldives
  • ML:Mali
  • MT:Malta
  • MH:Marshall Islands
  • MQ:Martinique
  • MR:Mauritania
  • MU:Mauritius
  • YT:Mayotte
  • FX:Metropolitan France
  • MX:Mexico
  • FM:Micronesia
  • MI:Midway Islands
  • MD:Moldova
  • MC:Monaco
  • MN:Mongolia
  • ME:Montenegro
  • MS:Montserrat
  • MA:Morocco
  • MZ:Mozambique
  • MM:Myanmar [Burma]
  • NA:Namibia
  • NR:Nauru
  • NP:Nepal
  • NL:Netherlands
  • AN:Netherlands Antilles
  • NT:Neutral Zone
  • NC:New Caledonia
  • NZ:New Zealand
  • NI:Nicaragua
  • NE:Niger
  • NG:Nigeria
  • NU:Niue
  • NF:Norfolk Island
  • KP:North Korea
  • VD:North Vietnam
  • MP:Northern Mariana Islands
  • NO:Norway
  • OM:Oman
  • PC:Pacific Islands Trust Territory
  • PK:Pakistan
  • PW:Palau
  • PS:Palestinian Territories
  • PA:Panama
  • PZ:Panama Canal Zone
  • PG:Papua New Guinea
  • PY:Paraguay
  • YD:People's Democratic Republic of Yemen
  • PE:Peru
  • PH:Philippines
  • PN:Pitcairn Islands
  • PL:Poland
  • PT:Portugal
  • PR:Puerto Rico
  • QA:Qatar
  • RO:Romania
  • RU:Russia
  • RW:Rwanda
  • RE:Réunion
  • BL:Saint Barthélemy
  • SH:Saint Helena
  • KN:Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • LC:Saint Lucia
  • MF:Saint Martin
  • PM:Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  • VC:Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • WS:Samoa
  • SM:San Marino
  • SA:Saudi Arabia
  • SN:Senegal
  • RS:Serbia
  • CS:Serbia and Montenegro
  • SC:Seychelles
  • SL:Sierra Leone
  • SG:Singapore
  • SK:Slovakia
  • SI:Slovenia
  • SB:Solomon Islands
  • SO:Somalia
  • ZA:South Africa
  • GS:South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  • KR:South Korea
  • ES:Spain
  • LK:Sri Lanka
  • SD:Sudan
  • SR:Suriname
  • SJ:Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  • SZ:Swaziland
  • SE:Sweden
  • CH:Switzerland
  • SY:Syria
  • ST:São Tomé and Príncipe
  • TW:Taiwan
  • TJ:Tajikistan
  • TZ:Tanzania
  • TH:Thailand
  • TL:Timor-Leste
  • TG:Togo
  • TK:Tokelau
  • TO:Tonga
  • TT:Trinidad and Tobago
  • TN:Tunisia
  • TR:Turkey
  • TM:Turkmenistan
  • TC:Turks and Caicos Islands
  • TV:Tuvalu
  • UM:U.S. Minor Outlying Islands
  • PU:U.S. Miscellaneous Pacific Islands
  • VI:U.S. Virgin Islands
  • UG:Uganda
  • UA:Ukraine
  • SU:Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  • AE:United Arab Emirates
  • GB:United Kingdom
  • US:United States
  • ZZ:Unknown or Invalid Region
  • UY:Uruguay
  • UZ:Uzbekistan
  • VU:Vanuatu
  • VA:Vatican City
  • VE:Venezuela
  • VN:Vietnam
  • WK:Wake Island
  • WF:Wallis and Futuna
  • EH:Western Sahara
  • YE:Yemen
  • ZM:Zambia
  • ZW:Zimbabwe
  • AX:Åland Islands

Select Options

Following is an explanation for the different select menus and what you will get. If you don't get it right the first time don't worry you can reselect as many times as you wish.

Some general information about the format first. Zend_Locale returns the countries list in the application as a PHP array. While this is great for working within an application it not an ideal format for display or download. The countries are not sorted in continents or regions but we have all the information we need to arrange the countries into continents or regions. Last but not least the data is available in multiple languages; however, not all languages have all countries in their list, especially some of the exotic languages may have even only a few in their list.

Select List Format

With List Format here you can change the type of generated format. The selected option takes the PHP array and renders it for viewing and download. Following is an explanation of the various options and what to expect.

Option 1: Print the country's names with ISO prefix
A simple readable list with all the countries in the selected language and type. Note that the country's ISO abbreviation is prefix and separated with a colon.
Option 2: Print only the country's names
Same as option 1 but without the ISO as a prefix. Your best option if you just need a simple list with all the names.
Option 3: PHP Serialize array into a string for download
If you want to use the list for PHP you want to select this options. Although, it is a pretty long string depending on the language and type selection it is the easiest form to port the data between systems. If you are not familiar with serialing data check the FAQ page How to use the serialized string which will help you work with it. Note that you won't see much on this page as result because it is just a long string. You can see the whole string only with the download links. Note that the ISO abbreviation is used as the key in the array.
Option 4: PHP Format as an array unserialized
This is the same as in Option 2 but in an unserialized way. You will see the output in the page and also in the download options. If you like to see what you add to your PHP code than this might be the better option than the serialized string. I personally would use the serialized string, though.
Option 5: HTML Format as <select> group element
This will create an HTML select element ready for use in your application. The output on this page will actually show a html select element. To get the actual code for the element simply use the donwload options. Note that regions or continents will act as optgroup elements within the select element.
Option 6: XML [ currently not available ]
Soon to come
This will create an XML file you can load with a XML reader in your application. The XML file offers a platform and language independent container for the data. Although, it may be a little bit daunting for those unfamiliar with XML. If you don't work with PHP this will be your best option to work with the data.
Option 7: SQL [ currently not available ]
Soon to come
An SQL file can be used to create tables and insert data into a database. For this to work best and have all data and especially relation select Option 4 in the List Type. This will create an SQL file with all the relation data.

Select Type Format

With Type Format the countries will be grouped by the selected option plus just a list with all continents and regions defined in Zend_Locale. Following is an explanation of the various options and what tho expect.

Option 1: Only regions and continents
If you only need a list with all the continents and regions defined in Zend_Locale then this is your best choice. No countries will be added to the them.
Option 2: Only countries - ungrouped
This is basically straight out of the database, only the countries in a flat list in alphabetic order, though.
Option 3: Grouped by continent regions (5)
All the countries grouped by the five continent regions Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. If you were taught that Australia is the fifth continent then please note that this are "continent regions" and just continents! Oceania includes Australia and New Zealand plus all the little pacific islands.
Option 4: Grouped by sub continent regions
Each continent has sub regions. Select this group to have them all in listed the various sub regions instead of continents.

Select a Language

With selecting a Language the countries list will be generated in the language you select here. This will not change the text of this page or website! Note that some languages do not have a complete list and that there are some slight differences in many languages. Especially some of the "exotic" languages are not fully supported. As mentioned in other places the source data comes from the Zend Framework and the XML files in Zend_Locale. I do not intend to update those files because it would be extremely tedious to check them again when Zend releases a new update.